This film travels into core of Easter Island beyond the postcard image that we know.

Through the eyes of Marisol, a prominent local leader, we meet the colonial history of the indigenous native people, the Rapa Nui, descendants of those that constructed the mysterious gigantic stone totems.

Despite countless episodes of foreign “exploration” that began in 1722, when the island was discovered by a Dutch Captain, this community has maintained a millenary knowledge alive. Consequently, ancestral shamanic principals fuel the Rapa Nui resistance and Marisol has to follow the orders of the ocean spirits. They ask her get rid of the foreign Chilean administration and to protect their heritage from an invasive tourism. From occupying the luxurious German hotel, build on top of her tribe’s land, and losing it all to this fight, to regaining the administration of sacred sites, Marisol travels to the UN with only one goal in mind: win the autonomy of her people back and liberate the Navel of the Earth.

Direction & script Isabel Burr Raty

Financed by Creative Europe, Media Fund

Status in late development / early production
HD/ 90 & 58 mins.

Indigenous People’s Issues & Resources / Chile’s Human Rights National Institute / The Territorial Assembly of Rapa Nui Clans of Easter Island / Observatorio Ciudadano / Native and Rural Women National Association / Chilean Polinesia

Historical Consultant Marcos Moncada