December 2011Direction & Script: Isabel Burr Raty
Direction of Photography: Nicolás García
Production: Macarena Astete
Post-Production:Camila Montero
Motion Graphics: Daniel Alarcón y Lucas Triboulard
Photograph Arrangements: Pía Beckmann
Art Direction & Drawings: Isabel Burr Raty
Given the universality of the song’s lyrics, since it evidences that it’s not the first time that an originary culture’s native wood is being destroyed, as it is the case of the Mapuche’s woods, and that a river so important for human destiny, as it is the Baker River, that is to be intervened by the hydroelectric project: HidroAysen, we have designed a poetic aesthetic full of archetypical and symbolic elements evoking reflection. The chessboard is the earth confronting businessmen, military forces and political interests vrs. Native cultures. The character incarnated by Natalia transits, being the witness and victim of human and terrestrial destruction.

Link video published by Sello Azul:

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